Why You Should Not Exercise When Angry

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Why You Should Not Exercise When AngryI am sure the topic of this blog will surprise many. Those who care for their looks and love their body love to exercise regularly in way or the other. Exercise may include a workout at gym. The information that why you should not exercise when angry, will equally surprise those who are lazy or very busy or don’t like exercising. Well it is in the interest of everyone to know the facts that why you should not exercise when angry even if you exercise regularly or none at all.

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Why Do We Exercise?

Obviously some kind of regular and proper physical exercise is good for the body and mind. It rejuvenates the body of the person and he or she gets a great feeling from the simple act of self care.

Okay so many of us love to workout. Am I right?

Relation of Anger and Workout

Do you remember your elders chiding you to go and drain out your excess energy in some intense physical activity whenever you were cranky or hyper active and damaged the things in the house? Over a period of time, we grew up with this idea in mind that working out when you’re angry is the best way to let off the steam.

Well a recent Canadian University study recommends just the opposite!

Why You Should Not Exercise When Angry?

According to Reuters, extreme physical exertion or acute emotional despise can individually trigger a heart attack. Not only that the risk may be at its peak if the two are combined, as these are the main findings of the new study.

Andrew Smyth of the Population Health Research Institute at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada said “Our study is the largest study exploring this issue, and unlike previous studies we included people from many different countries and ethnicities,”

According him, anger and exercise are a lot alike, “Both can raise blood pressure and heart rate, changing the flow of blood through blood vessels and reducing blood supply to the heart,” he says. While endorsing the health benefits of regular physical activity including the prevention of heart disease, but he would not recommend exercising at the time when the person is angry or upset.

The research included studying 12,000 heart attack survivors across 52 countries and asked them about their activity and emotional state before the heart attack. The researchers found that the combination of physical exertion and stress influence patients to a heart attack. When the angry emotional state is combined with intense physical activity it is an invitation to danger. So take it easy when you are angry or upset or the mind and mood are not in control for whatever reason.

The study found that about 13% of the people interviewed were very active physically before the heart attack and about 14% were emotionally upset before the onset of cardiac arrest.

Harmful Combination of Anger and Workout

There is a lot common between anger and vigorous exercising with regards to effects they individually produce on the body. But the risk is heightened if you combine workout with the mental state of being angry, distraught or upset as it may lead to a cardiac arrest.

It may be useful to know that either getting extremely angry or working out intensely could potentially be especially risky for middle aged people with cardiac risk factor. Both can raise blood pressure and heart rate. If the blood vessels are already narrowed by plaque, there could be restriction to the flow, reducing blood supply to the heart of blood – thereby leading to a heart attack.

So take care when you are not in good mood next time!

Video: Why You Should Not Exercise When Angry


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