Weight Loss Diet Tips And Rules

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Weight Loss Diet Tips And Rules

There are numerous ways to lose weight quickly. This includes following a diet to lose weight. However, most of them will leave you hungry and dissatisfied. If you don’t have a strong willpower, hunger pangs will make you give up these plans quickly. To help you reach your target weight and your inch loss with your weight loss diet, in this article we focus on the Weight Loss Diet Tips and Rules.

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Weight Loss Diet Tips and Rules

The weight loss ideas shared in this article will help to:

  1. Significantly reduces your appetite
  2. They make you lose weight quickly, without experiencing hunger
  3. Improve your metabolic health, at the same time

1. Reduce Intake Of Sugars and Starches

The most important part is to reduce sugars and starches (carbohydrates). When you do that, your hunger levels go down and you end up eating much less calories.

Now, instead of burning carbohydrates for energy, your body begins to feed on stored fat.

Another benefit of reducing carbohydrates is that it reduces insulin levels, which causes the kidneys to eliminate excess sodium and water from your body. This reduces bloating and unnecessary water retention – which adds to the weight .

It is not uncommon to lose up to 10 pounds (sometimes more) in the first week of eating this kind of diet. This helps in reducing both – the body fat and water weight.

The idea of eating low carb group items is eating to the fullest, while the low fat group has restricted calories and gives hunger.

Cutting down on carbohydrates in your diet will help you eat fewer calories automatically and without hunger.

Simply put, cutting carbohydrates puts fat loss process on the autopilot.

In short

Eliminating or cutting down on sugars and starches (carbohydrates) from your diet will reduce your appetite, decrease your insulin levels and cause you to lose weight without hunger.

Consider this: 14 Days from right now…..You can be at least 6 pounds lighter.

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2. Consume More Protein

While on a diet to lose fat, protein is probably the most important. Protein is one of the recommended items that you can eat as a part of your weight loss diet. The protein fights hunger, stabilizes blood glucose levels and prevents the loss of muscle mass. The benefits are high metabolism and accelerated fat loss. The importance of eating a lot of protein cannot be overstated.

Make sure not to let your protein intake fall short. Try to eat a little at each meal and snack. For some unexpected sources of protein, you may consider Quinoa, Bulgur, Avocado and whole wheat muffins.

Some of the popular sources of protein are:

Meat: Beef, chicken, pork, lamb, etc.

Fish and Seafood: Salmon, Trout, Shrimp, etc.

Eggs: Whole eggs with the yolk are the best.

Protein has been known to increase the metabolism from 80 to 100 calories per day.

Protein-rich diets can also reduce cravings for food and obsessive thoughts about food by 60%, reduce the desire to eat snacks late at night. Eating protein leaves you so full that you automatically consume 441 fewer calories per day.

When it comes to losing weight, protein is the most recommended nutrient.


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3. Do Eat Low Carb Vegetables Also

A diet plan consisting primarily of meat and vegetables contains all the fiber, vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy.

Don’t feel guilty to load your plate with these low carb vegetables. You can eat massive amounts of them without having to consume between 20 and 50 net carbohydrates per day.

Recommended list of vegetables for Weight Loss diet is:

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Chard
  • Lettuce
  • Cucumber

Eat 2–3 meals a day. If you are hungry in the afternoon, add a 4th meal.

4. Eat a Combination of Protein, Fat and Vegetables

Do not hesitate to eat fat, as trying to consume low and low fat carbohydrates at the same time is a recipe for failure. It will make you feel down and dump the plan. Each of your meals should include a source of protein, a source of fat and low carb vegetables.

Assemble each meal with a source of protein, a source of fat and low-carb vegetables. This will place it in the range of 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates and significantly reduce your hunger levels.

Building your meals in this way will cause your carbohydrate intake to automatically be in the recommended range of 20 to 50 grams per day.

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More Weight Loss Tips To Make Things Easier

It is very important to adhere to the weight loss rules mentioned above. Also, here are 10 more tips to lose weight even faster:

1. Eat a protein rich breakfast

Eating a protein rich breakfast has been shown to reduce cravings and calorie intake for rest of the day

2. Stay away from sugary drinks, sodas and fruit juice

These types of drinks are the most fattening things as they put high amount of sugar in your body. Hence avoiding them can help you lose weight faster.

3. Drink water before meals

One study showed that drinking water half an hour before meals helped increase the weight loss by 44% in 3 months.

4. Go in for Fresh Foods

When selecting your food, keep in mind that most processed foods are not that healthy. Eating fresh should by your rule. The times we live in, processed and packages foods are everywhere. They are simply waiting to cause weight gain and frustrate your efforts for the target weight and a healthy life.

Eliminate this packaged and processed food and give your diet a healthy makeover. Always chose natural foods, like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and oils, and lean proteins. We don’t live in the Garden of Eden — reaching for the apple is a right choice.

In fact, you may like this tip the Golden Rule of dieting. If you want to make only one change to your diet plan, make this one.

5. Prefer weight loss-friendly foods over others

Certain foods are very useful for losing fat. The list of such food items may include:

Whole Eggs, Leafy Greens, Cruciferous Vegetables ( such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts), Beans and Legumes (this includes lentils, black beans, kidney beans) Lean Beef and Chicken Breast, Salmon, Tuna, Boiled Potatoes, Soups, Cottage Cheese etc.

6. Include soluble fibers in the diet

Studies have shown that soluble fibers help to reduce fat, especially in the belly area. Fiber supplements such as glucomannan can also help.


7. Drink coffee or tea

If you are a coffee or tea drinker, drink as much as you want. Caffeine has shown to increase metabolism by 3% to 10%.

8. Eat mostly whole and unprocessed foods

All those who are sticking to weight loss diet should base most of their diet on whole foods. Whole foods are healthier, more fulfilling and much less likely to cause overfeeding.

9. Chew your food slowly

It is observed that generally fast eaters gain more weight over time. Eating slowly makes you feel fuller and increases hormones to lose weight.

10. Eat Regularly

Perhaps you have heard that metabolism increases with more often eating. Actually this is not a complete picture and could be misunderstood too. In fact, the body gets a boost from a meal and it is directly related to meal size. Therefore, eating regularly helps keep hunger at bay.

For better results, eat small potions frequently throughout the day to avoid food cravings and energy lows. Dietitians claim that people who follow this method are more likely to stick to their diet or weight loss program.

11. Regular Physical Activity

Any serious weight loss plan would include physical activity. Irrespective of the type of physical activity, it burns calories. At the same time it is one less opportunity to think of eating or actually eating in the day.

One must exercise for at least 30 minutes for five times a week. Regular exercise also has many other health benefits.

12. Set Short Term Weight Goals

If you are on a journey to lose weight, then set continuous short-term goals only. Think about your strategy for the next day or for the week ahead, and not in terms of months or years. Watch yourself achieving your small goals. Once you are able to do that, achieving bigger goals becomes easier and practical.

Also ensure that you write down your goals and tell a friend or family member about your weight loss target. This declaration will multiply your motivation and commitment.

Try thinking in terms of 2 week schedules. Two to three weeks is generally the period taken to form good habits. So it is the perfect timing to build behavior patterns that stand the test of time.

The new behavior pattern and habits will help you stay motivated and consistent until good decisions become your second nature.

13. Weigh yourself every day

Studies show that people who weigh themselves every day are more likely to lose weight and maintain it for a long time.



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14. Sleep well every night

Not getting enough sleep or having a poor quality sleep is one of the most important risk factors for weight gain, so taking care of your sleep is important.

15. Avoid Unnecessary Comparisons

In your journey to achieve something in life, comparing yourself to others is not a good idea. Know that this is your journey. Your body, age, metabolism, genes are unique and you can never see the same results as everyone else, so don’t expect to.

Instead, make a habit of comparing yourself today to yourself from yesterday. That will give you all the information and inputs you need to know. If you improve every day, then stick to your diet program. Know in your mind that you are already a success.

Keep these diet tips in mind. Focus on them and be confident you are building a truly righteous body.

Video: Helpful Weight Loss Tips To Make Your Weight Loss Journey Better

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Disclaimer and Precaution
Please do consult your medical doctor and / or weigh loss dietitian before you start a new diet. This is also applicable to new workout or exercise routine, especially if you have not done any exercises for a long time or have injuries or have certain health conditions.

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