Things You Should Know About Wedding Cake Toppers

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Things You Should Know About Wedding Cake Toppers


A wedding cake is incomplete without a topper. Today, cake toppers are fun since they can be anything. You just have to choose a type of wedding cake topper to reflect your unique personality. So here are certain interesting things you should know about wedding cake toppers

Things You Should Know About Wedding Cake Toppers

Additionally, you can use the wedding cake topper to express your feelings or style. Toppers can be made from various materials including the popular acrylic that comes in various sizes to meet customer request. When planning your wedding, the following are things you should know about toppers.

Ordering Cake Topper

You have to order the wedding cake before the cake topper. This is important to know before hitting the market for a cake topper. It is very important to understand the size of your wedding cake. This will ensure that you get a topper that fits the cake’s top tier. Getting this right will ensure that the topper compliments your cake’s style and design.

The cake designer will tell you the right size for your wedding cake when placing your order. It makes practical sense to have the appropriate size information handy when having your cake topper made. This eliminates the chances of getting a topper larger than the top tier of your cake.

Options For Wedding Cake Topper

You will have to spend time to repurchase the topper with the appropriate size. Alternatively, your event planner will have to find means of making the topper to overhang your wedding cake top tier.

There is a wide variety of Cake Toppers to chose from. Broadly speaking you could chose from:

Things You Should Know About Wedding Cake Toppers

Bobblehead Toppers

Opting for a bobblehead wedding cake topper is one of the best ways to make your wedding stand out. You will have to give the manufacturer ample time to make the topper.

This requires submitting photos of you and your loved one in various positions and selecting the topper style. You will end up with a cute doll resembling you and your loved one on top of your wedding cake.

These toppers are durable and make wonderful keepsakes to commemorate your big day.

Things You Should Know About Wedding Cake Toppers

Acrylic Toppers

These are the most popular toppers for the ability to be fully customized with your details and embellishments. Acrylic toppers include one to three picks inserted into the cake’s top tier.

The toppers are lightweight with no need for additional support inside the cake tier. Acrylic cake toppers are incredibly fragile and might snap very easily.

This explains why the wedding planner is the one to insert it into your wedding cake top tier. It lessens the chances of damage when moving the cake from the bakery to your reception venue.

You have to give the cake designer appropriate time to make your customized acrylic cake topper. This is very important when planning your wedding during popular wedding months. You might have to give the designer about 6 weeks to make your topper.

This will give the designer enough time to make your topper and deliver it to your location.

Wire Topper

These are ideal cake toppers offering a slightly less formal vibe. This is because this topper is designed from twisted wire.

Just like acrylic toppers, these toppers are lightweight. Inserting wire toppers is just like acrylic toppers although these are sturdier and are less likely to break.

You can move with your wedding cake from the bakery with a wire topper already fixed.

Ceramic Toppers

When organizing a traditionally romantic wedding, a ceramic cake topper is the right choice. Opting for a saved topper adds a sentimental touch with this topper. Additionally, you can use a ceramic cake topper to honor your parents or grandparents on your wedding day.

These cake toppers are wonderful gifts for occasions like an engagement party or baby shower.

Ceramic cake toppers might have a larger size but you have to communicate with your cake designer in time. This topper requires extra support in the cake top tier.

This topper is lightweight and doesn’t sway when inserted. Ensure to let your cake designer know your cake topper preference to ensure that you end up with a topper that complements the beauty of your wedding cake.

Things You Should Know About Wedding Cake Toppers

Metal Toppers

Another type of cake topper to choose for your wedding cake is the metal topper. This is a great choice for having less risk of breaking. However, you can’t customize a metal topper.

These come in generic options although in various phrases. Make sure to select the appropriate size when opting for two or more metal toppers to make a monogram.

This ensures that the width of all initials or ampersand fit nicely on your cake top tier.

Bottom line

A topper is part of a wedding cake. Selecting the right topper enhances the look of your cake. It is important to first order your wedding cake before ordering the topper.

Knowing the right size of your cake top tier will ensure that the topper fits perfectly. To make your wedding stand out, opt for a bobblehead topper.

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