How To Keep Your Mind And Memory Sharp By Avoiding These Habits

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How To Keep Your Mind And Memory Sharp By Avoiding These Habits

There is enough information on internet on the topics of improving memory, active brain, making mind sharp etc. But did you know that there are certain life style habits which can dull your mind and memory? So let’s take a break from discussing the tips to sharpen your mind and instead talk about how to keep your mind and memory sharp by avoiding these habits.

If you want to avoid having those age-related memory loss moments, you can.

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So let us begin.

How To Keep Your Mind And Memory Sharp By Avoiding These Habits

Just consciously avoid the things that will not keep your mind very sharp, or at least know how to deal with it if it happens to you.

#1 Smoking

Smoking cigarettes is the leading cause of most cardiovascular illnesses. It’s clear from the research that not smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health.

If you do smoke now, consider finding a smoking cessation class to join because that’s the best way you can help your brain health right now.

#2 Poor Diet

Eating a poor diet which consists of lots of processed food, fat, salt, and sugar is the other factor that is most likely to affect your brain health.

Outside of smoking, this is the next most important way to prevent issues with your brain health, not to mention your overall physical health.

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#3 Bad Posture

Aren’t you wondering that what could be the connection between dull brain and bad posture?

As the age advances, one matter that really affects people is the chronic pain. Some forms of chronic pain are simply caused by bad posture over the years.

Let us resolve to avoid this altogether. The sooner you can ensure that you are using the right posture for living your daily life, the better.

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It might be helpful to consult a physical therapist who can check your posture and show you how to correct any issues. If there is a need for help go in for a couple of sessions with your physical therapist.

#4  Sedentary Life Style

Sitting for more than four hours a day is said to be worse than smoking.

Once you know this, you can avoid it too. It is easier to correct this habit fast if you’re only sedentary rather than a smoker and sedentary.

Start small and make yourself get up and move around for ten minutes every 90 minutes.

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#5 Stress and Anxiety

When you have a lot of stress and anxiety, your cortisol levels are usually much higher. These stress hormones play a significant role in cognitive decline.

If at all you have problems with stress and anxiety, you may want to seek professional help with this to ensure you can move forward.

#6 Sleep Deficiency or Too Much Sleep

Sleep is an essential component to your ability to heal yourself from within. Sleeping at least eight hours a night is considered the best amount, but everyone is different.

The way to find out what works for you is to try to go to bed at the same time most nights and sleep until you wake up without an alarm.

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However, if you do tend to sleep over nine or ten hours every night (and are still tired), you may want to get yourself medically checked – such as checking of thyroid etc.

#6 Medication

Some medications can mess with your brain in severe ways. A common medication for chronic pain is Gabapentin, and it’s well known that it dulls the mind.

Some other drugs are also believed to be problems with patients exhibiting cognitive decline.

If you are on medicines and having memory problems or other issues with your brain health, talk to your doctor about going off those medications, if possible.

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#7 Illness

Some type of illness can affect your brain health and make you feel and act not as sharp as you’d like.

However, being aware of the illnesses you have and how they might affect your brain health and your mind can give you information on how to combat the problems through supplementation, medication, and so forth – as needed.

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#7 Drug Use

While some studies are suggesting that cannabis use can improve the mind of elderly people, the research is still out. If you need to use cannabis, realize that it might, like any other drug, affect your memory or cognition.

#7 Alcohol

While drinking alcohol in moderation is tied to improved cognition and health, overusing is not. Double-check your serving sizes and don’t get drunk if you’re going to drink alcohol. If you are having issues, try to stop.

#7  Isolation

One of the saddest things that happen to people when they get older is that sometimes they start to isolate themselves. If you find that you tend to spend a lot of time alone because you prefer it, that’s fine.

But you may want to schedule some time with others to avoid isolation, as this has been linked to the dulling of the mind due to the lack of mental stimulation that other people provide.

Video: Reasons You Should Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age


These habits that can contribute to a dulling mind must be avoided.

It is important to keep your mind sharp. Consider what you’ll do after you retire when your kids grow, and when you are older in terms of remaining social, eating right, moving, and being a contributing member of society.

The Importance of Keeping Your Mind Sharp as You Age

It’s normal to experience changes in your body throughout your life.

Same is applicable for brain also. As you go through middle age and beyond, your brain will slowly shrink. This is completely normal and while it sounds frightening, you don’t have to be scared.

With the right plan, you can – if you work on it – actually grow your brain even if it’s already started shrinking.

Reasons You Should Keep Your Mind Sharp As You Age

Here are a few important points which will convince you of the reasons you should keep your mind sharp as you age:

#1 Keep Your Independence Longer

If you can take care of yourself and your daily chores you will be independent a lot longer than if you can’t do those things.

For example, if you remember to pay your bills, turn off the stove, not have to look for the car keys and that type of things, you will be able to be enjoy your independence rather than depending on others.

Working on improving your memory and brain function now, even if you have no mental or cognitive decline at all, will ensure that you will put off those problems even longer.

#2 Ward off Dementia

Even though a large percentage of people over 70 have some form of dementia, you can certainly lessen the effects by working on your mental and physical health.

Eating right, keeping your mind sharp by reading, doing new things, and living an active life is your best defense against any illness.

Most certainly it costs less than going for medical intervention or medicine bills.

#3 Enjoy Life with Better Memory

Being able to remember to take your medicines, or even remember what day it is, is an important factor in being able to live on your own.

If you cannot remember what day it is, it’s hard to remember to pay your electricity bill or buy the right amount of vegetables to cook for eating.

Don’t worry, though; even if you have a hard time remembering things now, you can learn methods to make it easier.

#4 Experience Better Health in General

Taking care of your brain health will naturally rub off into creating a situation where your entire body is healthier.

The main reason is that the same thing that keeps your brain healthy will maintain your general health also.

Eating right, drinking plenty of water, getting exercise, resting, and reducing stress are good for you all the way around.

#5 Enjoy Your Retirement More

When you can be independent, you can remember your scheduled evening out with friends, and remember to pay your bills, you will obviously enjoy your retirement more.

It’s also more pleasurable if you’re healthy and your mind is active and sharp.

You’ll have a lot more fun because you will be free of other worries once you retire, and you’re likely to earn more money longer due to having a sharp mind.

To Conclude

Keeping your mind active and sharp pays off in more than one way.

Being independent as long as humanly possible is also a massive benefit to the rest of your family. The less your family worries about you, the more independent you can be, for longer.

It’s a lot less expensive for you to stay independent.

So, let’s move on to look at things you can do to make your life better and to keep your mind sharp as you age.

Video: How You Can Keep Your Mind & Memory Sharp By Avoiding These Habits


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