How to Achieve Fitness Goals

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Ways to achieve workout goals, how to achieve fitness goalsHave you ever noticed that some people achieve wonderful results after a few weeks of workout or exercises? Whereas there are certain individuals who are so regularly toiling in the gym and yet there is hardly any noticeable difference in their body shape or body weight. This is one of those situations in life where you would wish that you would have known all the secrets and tips about getting best results out of your workout in the gym or from at the home exercises. Hence we bring you some tips and suggestions so that you know how to achieve fitness goals.

How to Achieve Fitness Goals

Certainly you do not have unlimited time or patience to wait for the results out of the ‘trial and error’ approach.

Sometimes, “experience is not the best teacher”. Most of us have set personal fitness goal and would like to achieve them in the best possible manner. These goals could be weight loss or weight gain; muscle training and body building or body shaping. Hence I would like to share with you some tips which I have picked up from Body Builders, Personal Trainers, Fitness Trainers and generally from those who looked very fit to me. Though I am no personal trainer but I am sure you too will get good benefits and achieve your fitness goals – just like I got in better shape and lost some weight at the same time.

Know your Workout Objective

Work can be fun but not for everyone. It requires a lot of motivation and efforts to get up in the morning, spare 1 to 1.5 hours, workout in the gym for 5 days in a week. However, the whole attitude towards exercising changes one you know that what the purpose is for working out.

For example, losing weight could be a goal for many men and women who think that they are overweight or obese or fat. Likewise achieving the goal of increased flexibility and agility could be the fitness goal of office goers who are crossing middle age or are about to. This could be due to their sedentary life style due to long hours of sitting in the chair. Similarly building a great body with shapely biceps, triceps could be a fad among the youth and young models.

The idea is that these tangible benefits that will provide sufficient motivation to stick to a long-term exercise program.

Set your goals

Now that you know the purpose of your exercise, it is essential to set up your short term and long term goals to work toward. For example, if working on your excess weight may you decide to shed 3 kilos every month and in next ten months you may not only like to lose 10 kilos but also maintain it for next 4 to 5 months to sustain the benefits of the intense workout. Also read How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy Weight Loss Tips.

Make a Plan

Once you know your target and the time period, it would be easy to identify and commit resources. You may decide to do 40 to 45 minutes of brisk walk every morning along with changes in your diet and life style. If you love to pump iron in the gym and can afford it, you may like to hire the services of a personal trainer who can ensure good results. Set your plan and commit yourself to it with full dedication.

Workout with a Partner

Workout with a PartnerWhether you plan to work out in the gym or do outdoor exercises, having a partner has many benefits.

To begin with you may become more regular and committed because a healthy competition has developed between two of you. Secondly, there is a spirit of comradeship and as a result you will begin to motivate and cheer up each other. Thirdly, you get the help to hold the weights and general physical support – something is very difficult if you are going solo at the gym.

Overall you tend to achieve better results and more fun out of a workout.

Measure your Progress Regularly

It is like flying the plane and keeping an eye on the altitude, speed and the destination. You must keep checking your progress and regular intervals and if the progress is not satisfactory and look for the reasons, check with experts, do necessary course correction. This will help you to avoid wandering aimlessly and achieve your fitness goals.

Drink a Lot of Water

It is very necessary to keep yourself very hydrated – especially during and after the workout. There are many benefits of drinking water this way. Your muscles will pain less and there will be no damage to the exercised areas of the body. Ensure that you drink 3 to 4 litres of water everyday. For still better results, stay away from drinking empty calories in the form of juice, soda and electrolyte drinks.

Have a Healthy Diet only

The benefits of your exercise regime will be manifold, if you have a healthy diet with the right quantity and at right intervals. Failure to stick to a healthy diet along with your workout, will not let you achieve your fitness goals. Keep in mind that the frequency of taking meals should be every 3 hours. The diet should contain fibrous green vegetables and fruits, lean protein and some carbohydrates. Avoid excessive fats and sugar.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep and health have a very important relationship which cannot be taken for granted.

As per your age and physical condition, getting seven to eight hours of sleep every night is excellent. In addition, if your body needs more sleep you may include afternoon naps for results, if you can manage that.

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