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Health, Fitness, AffirmationsMedical doctors and psychologists have well accepted the connection between our mind and physical health. It is a well acknowledged fact that whatever is a person’s mental attitude the physical health will manifest accordingly. This is the secret for centuries.

To take proper advantage of mind – body connection for having good health, many techniques and therapies have been used and are being used such as Meditation, Positive Thoughts, Positive Visualization, Relaxation, Yoga, Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy, Self Talk and affirmations etc.

The underlying idea is to aim for a complete health – which means healthy emotions, healthy mind, positive attitude, constructive behavior to achieve excellent health for mind and body.

To help you get into better health, we bring for you powerful health affirmations. Combine these affirmations with positive thoughts, exercises, good diet and meditation to reap excellent results.

Health Affirmations Set #1

  • I am ready to enjoy perfect health and fitness
  • I am capable and prepared to enjoy better health
  • I deserve to have a healthy life
  • I care for my body with reverence and love
  • My body deserves to be fit and healthy
  • I enjoy the state of being healthy, happy and fit
  • Every cell in my body resonates with energy of perfect health
  • Every cell in my body is fit and healthy
  • The secret of my health and fitness is nutritious food, meditation and positive thoughts
  • For better health, I apply law of attraction and positive thoughts

Health Affirmations Set #2

Other affirmations for you:

  • I nourish my mind, body and soul with positive thoughts and affirmations
  • For me perfect health is essential
  • I appreciate other healthy people who inspire me
  • People admire my lifestyle to maintain health and wellness
  • I am keep company of friends who motivate me to be fit and healthy
  • I manifest good health by doing practising meditation regularly
  • I am in better health now.
  • With every passing day, my health gets better and better
  • I always think healthy and positive thoughts
  • I choose fitness and health in my life

Health Affirmations Set #3

  • I choose wellness and health now
  • I choose to be healthy and whole
  • I start my day with sending love and gratitude to every part of my body
  • I thank the universe for blessing me with good health and vitality
  • I visualize to manifest a fit and healthy body
  • My every positive move takes me closer to perfect health
  • I meditate everyday to visualize my body filled with lots of energy and vitality
  • I choose to be healthy every moment of my life
  • I choose to stay fit and healthy forever
  • I choose to enjoy having a fit body and perfect health
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