Dental Implant The Process of Missing Tooth Treatment

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Dental Implant Process of MissingHave you lost one or more of your natural teeth? Or, are one of your teeth is missing? Whatever the case, it must be difficult as you not only face physical problems but also psychological ones as well when teeth are lost. Given the case, have you considered dental implant the process of missing tooth treatment?

Why Dental Implant?

You can’t chew properly, can’t eat confidently. You find it tough to speak correctly as your words tend to be incoherent. Worse still, with a tooth gone, your smile loses its natural beauty. And yes, your face does not look as beautiful as it did earlier.

If all this was not enough, your self-esteem goes down and you lack confidence in facing the people. After losing a tooth, you generally avoid conversing with the people or friends, and rather prefer to stay indoors to avoid embarrassments.

This is definitely not a life you’d have imagined…

You deserve better

Losing a tooth should never consign you to such a low life with no esteem. You definitely deserve better at a time when dental technology has advanced to great levels. You can consult the dentist and check about the available treatments for your problem.

You should know that –

  • Losing or missing a tooth is no big deal today it once was Quality treatment is available with an option to get the tooth replaced in a single day
  • Pain-managed treatment is a reality even if surgery is involved with tooth replacement.
  • You have both options, conventional and new-age treatments, to choose from Dental implant is there which is considered the next best thing to natural teeth
  • Implant looks, feels and works very much like your natural tooth
  • They are fit for people of any age and gender
  • A great replacement option for healthy and fit candidates

Dental Implant The Process of Missing Tooth Treatment

You can ask any dentist and the answer would be the same: implant is easily the best, and most popular, method today to replace your missing tooth or teeth. When you dig deeper, you will realize why implant-based treatment is becoming that much popular by the day. Here are some of reasons why implants are preferred over the rest –

1. The Most Natural-Looking Option

Dental implants are easily the most natural-looking of all tooth replacement options available today. They score heavily in terms of aesthetics and with them, you feel as confident as if with your original pearly whites. Nobody would ever be able to know you have got them instead of your real tooth. For that reason, they are trusted a lot for replacing one or more missing teeth.

2. A Durable Method

When you lose a tooth, the goal shifts to facing a replacement method that is durable. You don’t want something that comes with the baggage of regular repair or a visit to the dentist. You don’t want the treatment to fail in just four five years. This is where implants help a lot as it’s everlasting with the potential to outlast even the patients.

3. No Restrictions with Foods

When you have dentures, there is always a risk of something breaking in contact with hard edible items. No such worries plaque implants as you are free to eat whatever, be it hard or sticky or anything. You just recover in a few days and then, you can start eating any that your heart craves for. All such freedom is not available with conventional replacement options.

4. Easy to Maintain

Implant is basically a one-time investment with absolutely no risk of breakage or chip. You have them placed inside your mouth and they are there till you live. They are thus easy to maintain – you can brush and floss around them with effortless ease. You won’t face any problem in cleaning and maintaining oral hygiene after replacing your missing tooth with implant. This is why people chose them over other options available there.

5. Comfort and Naturalness

The best thing about dental implants is that they deliver the same level of comfort and naturalness that your original teeth do. With them, you never feel like having missed or lost your teeth. They deliver as much convenience as your real teeth would do. This is why more and more people now look to have them to replace their natural teeth.

Author: Shashi Das

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