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Halland Chen

Halland ChenHalland Chen  is an MD who currently practices in New York at the Vein Institute and Pain Centers of America. With a passion in regenerative medicine, Dr. Halland helps patients alleviate pain and avoiding surgery by allowing patients to heal naturally using the body’s own growth factors and repair mechanisms.

He is on the Board of Directors for the American Academy of Regenerative Medicine, whose leadership Directors also come from the Harvard Stem Cell Group and Mayo Clinic.

Among his other passions, Dr. Halland travels alongside with tech entrepreneurs across various locations internationally to cultivate new upcoming and emerging technologies, kite-surfing, and writing informative articles to help educate readers.

Dr. Halland has contributed the article by the title: Negative Calorie Foods That Are A Must for this website.


Claire John

Claire JohnClaire John is a Houston, TX-based author with 7 years of experience, who has covered beauty, fitness, diet plans and health articles for a number of websites. She is a graduate from Texas Southern University.  She is well-known for advice and feedback on latest beauty and fitness trends, skin care regimen, diet supplements, weight loss plans and health tips.

You can find her work on top beauty, health and fitness websites. Her article on this website is: Unable to sleep? Try these Yoga poses

To know more about Claire John visit her on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest.


Danielle Kunkle

Danielle KunkleDanielle Kunkle Roberts is a founding partner at Boomer Benefits and a Medicare Supplement Accredited Advisor.

She and her team help thousands of baby boomers learn the ropes regarding Medicare every year.

Her article on this website is: 10 Ways To Keep Healthy Mind And Body As A Senior


Preston Pilgrim

Guest Blogger - Preston PilgrimPreston is a full time personal trainer from Kelowna, Canada who has a passion for helping people get into shape.

When he isn’t going to the gym, he is relaxing on the beach or pursuing his second passion in MMA!

The article Tips for Losing Weight without Counting Calories has been contributed by Preston.

You can follow him on Twitter for personal training tips!


Ross Geller

Ross is a blogger who loves to write especially in the Parenting vertical.

He has written many informative blogs in other verticals too like personal development, unique gifting blogs etc.

Link to his article on this website is: 5 Different Ways to Get Your Kids to Floss


Shashi Das

Shashi Das has been associated with a renowned dental clinic and specializes in medical write-ups, health blogs and lifestyle choices.

He shares views on healthy living, suggests oral hygiene tips and recommends ways to maintain dental health. You may like to read his articles on this blog:


Treacy Koster

Treacy is a professional writer with a diverse background in beauty and fashion.

She has a passion for health and skin care and also loves sharing her opinions on the latest issues affecting women. In her spare time, she’s also an avid and accomplished swimmer.

Link to her article on this website is: Natural Skincare Solutions That Are Good For You And The Environment


Nancy Ahuja

Nacny Ahuja Blogger Health Beauty FoodNancy Ahuja is a personal health blogger with 5 years of experience in medical, fitness, and diet planning. She started as a trainee at health care firm before completing her medical degree and climbing the ladder at City hospital.

Her articles on this website are:

More recently, Nancy decided to follow her dreams and leave the safety net of her six-figure salary to start her own fitness and nutrition consultancy.


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