Benefits of Lemon Water

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Benefits of Lemon WaterCan there be a drink which costs almost nothing, is easy to make and is good for your skin, digestive system, hydrates the body, helps in weight control and also gives Vitamin C?. Yes, it is the age old lemon water. There are hundreds and thousands of people who swear by the benefits of lemon water. At the same time, there is a large population of people who would like to know about the advantages of drinking lemon water with scientific reasons.

Therefore, read on till the last and also do watch an interesting video in this blog.

Nutrition Facts about Lemon

Before understanding the benefits of lemon water, it would make sense to know about the nutritional value of lemon. Lemons are full of vitamin C. One cup of fresh lemon juice is sufficient to take care of your daily requirement of Vitamin C.  Lemon juice also contains potassium, magnesium and copper. It has zero fat. Besides that there are small amounts of Vitamin E, Vitamin B6. Lemon water has less than 25 calories and contains traces of iron and vitamin A too.

Benefits of Lemon Water

Now we are in a better position to appreciate that what benefits can lemon water give us. These are mentioned briefly here and deliberately technical terms have been avoided.

1. Aids in Digestion and Detoxification

Aids in Digestion and DetoxificationWarm lemon water is a great morning drink. Many people drink lemon juice mixed with lukewarm water daily morning as a mild and natural laxative to help relieve their problem of constipation.

It aids the digestive system and encourages the production of bile. This makes the process of eliminating the waste products from the body easier. By ensuring smooth bowel functions, it eases the problem of constipation.

Lemon water aids digestion as it helps relieve mild indigestion or an upset stomach as the lemon juice keeps the food moving through the gastrointestinal tract smoothly. Lemon water aids in the production of digestive juices

Lemon water stimulates the liver and helps flush out toxins. Being a mild diuretic, lemon water helps throw out the toxins from the body and helps clear the urinary tract of any unwanted elements.

2. Vitamin C Boosts Immunity

Regular intake of Vitamin C is very important for the body. Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells which in turn enhance the immunity system’s proper functioning. This keeps the normal colds and flu away.

Drinking lemon water daily provide you with abundant supply of vitamin C.

3. Rejuvenates Skin and Heals the Body

Also the vitamin C protects cells from oxidative damage. The antioxidants fight damage caused by free radicals, keeping our skin looking fresh. Vitamin C keeps the body producing collagen, which is essential in smoothing out wrinkle lines. So regular consumption of lemon water makes facial skin look younger and with less wrinkles.

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4. Helps in Weight Management

Lemon Water Helps in Weight ManagementDietitians recommend regular sipping of lemon water to help you lose extra weight. The reason for that is that lemons contain pectin, a type of fiber. Pectin gives feeling of being full and satiated for a sometime which means that the person will consume less food.

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5. Improves Mood

It is believed that even a mildly dehydrated person can be prone to things like headaches, fatigue or an overall bad mood. Sipping lemon water helps the person stay hydrated and thereby feeling happy.

Also just the scent of a lemon has been found to reduce stress levels and improve moods.

6. Boosts Energy

Lemon juice helps replenish body salts especially after a physical activity such as a workout in the gym. Even in the morning, there is no need to reach out for that usual cup of coffee to pep you up.

Overall A Healthy Drink

Lemon is a magnificent antiseptic and lime water drink is also good for people having blood pressure problems, because of its potassium content.

Video: Benefits of Lemon Water


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