Guest Bloggers WelcomeWelcome to guest blogging at ! We invite guest bloggers to join our emerging team of bloggers. This is your chance to be part of our great site. Do you have what it takes to write for HealthBeautyFood? Then you could become a guest blogger.


We are a young website, dedicated to provide wholesome, useful and interesting content to its readers on the broad areas of Health, Beauty and Food. The content could be in the form of article, tips, videos, quotes and affirmations.

How to Become a Guest Blogger

If you can write original ideas on the topics / subjects of health, beauty, food, diet, exercise, lifestyle, fitness and other such related subjects then you are welcome as the guest blogger at

Your age, education, background, nationality, experience or no experience does not matter as long as you can write the stuff which is original, interesting, informative and interesting.

So you’re thinking of writing a guest blog for Excellent! But before you start, here are a few do’s and don’ts that we request you to bear in mind.

Guest Blogging Rules

  1. Please do not send us the content which has been written and published before.
  2. We’re looking for guest bloggers who love writing posts done with creatively. It could be from your personal experiences to professional field of work. It is better to add artwork, photos, videos also.
  3. Please write each post of 1500 words and above which is original and exciting interesting on any of the many areas covered by
  4. No content shall be entertained which is plagiarized maligns any individual, group, nation, society, religion or belief.
  5. Graphic sexual references or content with swearing, intolerant or offensive views or language are not eligible for consideration
  6. Please do not recommend or promote any particular brand in specific
  7. Appreciating that you’ve put time and effort into writing a quality blog for us and you deserve credit, we shall be glad to allow a link each ( no follow only) to your blog and/or your social media page in your post and author bio data. Please click here to see our Blog Writers page.
  8. The Editor’s decision is and shall be final.

How to Contact us

Get in touch with us at pluscoach [at] to become guest blogger at, don’t forget to mention in the subject line: “Guest Blogger for”

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