Beauty Affirmations

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Beauty Affirmations


The secret to charging yourself with positive and beautiful thoughts is to regularly do Beauty Affirmations. Before you think you have turned beautiful, others will notice and start complimenting you for your new looks!

Why Do We Need To Look Beautiful ?

Our body, especially the face is the true mirror of our personality. While our personality is some total of our thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, education and much more. Thus if our thoughts are beautiful then we have a beautiful personality too. This is one of the greatest secrets of beauty.

To the world at large, it is our body language and facial expressions that are the indicators of our approach to life. Over a period of time, we begin to look exactly how we think and feel.

If we accumulate negative thoughts and emotions, it will show. If we see life as beautiful journey and welcome every event, this will also show on our face and in our words.

Beauty Affirmations

Thus, if you want to look beautiful, practice maintain beautiful thoughts. It may take some time and efforts, but eventually you will radiate beauty on the outside as well. Enjoy life. Smile a lot. Laugh as much as you dare. Be happy.

If your prefer, there is also a Video on this page complete with images and background voice.


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Beauty Affirmations Set # 1

    • My environment radiates beauty.
  • I have a loving and welcoming smile.
  • My body is gift and I cherish it daily.
  • I have pure love for myself.
  • The universe is blessing me that enhance my beauty.
  • My skin is healthy and glowing.
  • I am beautiful and alive.
  • I am good, alive and active.
  • My hair is healthy and beautiful.

Beauty Affirmations Set # 2

  • I am beautiful and have a pleasing personality.
  • I have a lovely smile and a beautiful face.
  • I see myself as beautiful
  • Every day I am transforming into a natural beauty
  • I enjoy being beautiful
  • People are always complimenting me and saying how beautiful I am
  • People look up to me as an example of beauty
  • I am worthy of seeing myself as beautiful
  • My hair shines with radiant health.

Beauty Affirmations - I am beautiful and alive

Beauty Affirmations Set # 3

  • I am admired by all those around me.
  • The clothing I wear reflects my beauty and elegance.
  • My home is clean and beautiful.
  • I care for my appearance.
  • I am wonderful.
  • My walk is elegant and graceful.
  • I have a sweet voice.
  • I have friends that complement my beauty genuinely.
  • My body omits sweet fragrances and smell.

Beauty Affirmations - I am wonderful


Beauty Affirmations Set # 4

  • I am clean and maintain hygiene.
  • All the food I consume nourishes my beautiful body.
  • Each breath I take prolongs my vibrant life.
  • I love my inner child.
  • I have self respect and dignity.
  • I have style and grace.
  • I honor my body.
  • I have healthy beautiful nails.
  • I am beautiful, graceful, and elegant.

Beauty Affirmations - I honor my body

Beauty Affirmations Set # 5

  • Every day I feel prettier and prettier.
  • I am a beautiful person, inside and out.
  • I am growing more attractive every day.
  • I love to take care of my body and looks.
  • I have a fit and attractive body.
  • I am an attractive person
  • I am beauty and brains combined.
  • I am very handsome and masculine.
  • I am incredibly gorgeous men find me very attractive genuinely.

Beauty Affirmations - I am an attractive person

Beauty Affirmations Set # 6

  • I am sexy and gorgeous
  • I have soft and smooth skin
  • My skin is healthy and beautiful
  • My skin is clear and radiant.
  • Friends love my company.
  • I posses beauty and brains.
  • I am elegant.
  • People appreciate my beauty and my positive energy.
  • I am beautiful just the way I am.
  • I am naturally beautiful and attractive.

Beauty Affirmations - I am naturally beautiful and attractive

Beauty Affirmations Set # 7

  • My hairstyle compliments my facial features.
  • My inner beauty shines brightly.
  • My radiant smile highlights my natural beauty.
  • My skin feels soft and smooth.
  • My skin glows with youthful radiance.
  • I smile through my beautiful eyes.
  • I am proud of my beautiful body
  • Everything I eat turns to health, beauty and love.
  • Beautiful vitality glows within every living cell of my whole blessed body.


Beauty Affirmations Set # 8

I am beautiful, warm hearted and intelligent

  • I am grateful for the beauty, abundance and love that surrounds me.
  • I am beautiful, warm hearted and intelligent.
  • I am blessed with a beautiful and glowing skin.
  • I am proud of the way I look.
  • I am beautiful and everyone I come across loves me.
  • Good health and wellness is the natural state of my body.
  • I love my face and its shape
  • I love my body and all my features
  • I am at peace with my body and physical form


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Beauty Affirmations Set # 9

Beauty Affiramtions

  • I lovingly take care of my body
  • I love living in this superb female body
  • I adore my delicate curves
  • I am sexy and attractive just as I am
  • I wear my confidence as nicely as I wear my makeup
  • I love my sleepy face and messy hair in the morning when I get up
  • I appreciate the female cycles that my body experiences
  • I enjoy my body during sex and intimacy
  • I move my body with intention and love

Beauty Affirmations Set # 10

I hold my head up high and wear a smile all the time

  • I hold my head up high and wear a smile all the time
  • I love the exact size of my breasts and hips just as Mother Nature intended them
  • I am the perfect height for me
  • I love the shape of my hands and the size of my feet
  • I wear my hair however it pleases me and I adore every strand
  • I love my thighs and my buttocks and take care of them with exercise and healthy eating
  • I am responsible for what I do with my body so I only do what’s best
  • I choose to treat my body with care, love, kindness and respect
  • While exercising, I push my body and marvel at the many ways it can bend, stretch, pose, move and breathe

Beauty Affirmations Set # 11

Beauty Affirmations

  • I am enjoying a lifelong romance with my body
  • I am a strong lady
  • I look radiant by simply wearing a bright smile
  • I delight in taking care of my body when it needs healing and recovery
  • I channel love and energy to everyone around me
  • I listen to my body’s needs with respect and kindness
  • I am patient with myself and worthy of all the waiting
  • I move at the perfect pace
  • I continue to be amazed by my body

Beauty Affirmations Set # 12

I fill my body with confidence daily

  • I fill my body with confidence daily
  • I am beautiful inside and out
  • I am beautiful
  • I am beautiful in mind, body and spirit
  • I am blessed with a beautiful well balanced family
  • I see all of the beauty and grace which is around me with loving gratitude
  • I have beautiful skin
  • I have white healthy teeth
  • Each moment is full of beauty, love and life

Beauty Affirmations Set # 13

Beauty Affirmations

  • I have a beautiful and peaceful home and I love it
  • I am beautiful just as I am
  • I enjoy being loved and beautiful
  • I am greatful for the beauty, abundance and love that surrounds me
  • I am sexy, i am gorgeous, i am full of health, strength, courage and vitality each and every day
  • I am beautiful, warm hearted and intelligent
  • I have a fit, attractive and healthy body
  • Thanks to my good diet and my skin is soft and radiant
  • Thanks to regular exercising, I have a well toned body

Beauty Affirmations Set # 14

  • My body is the temple in which my soul is happy to reside
  • I am grateful to God for giving me such a beautiful body
  • I am a beautiful being, in my own unique way
  • Each day my skin becomes more and more radiant
  • I am blessed with beautiful healthy skin

Video: Beauty Affirmations as per Law of Attraction

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