Affirmations for Beautiful Skin

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Affirmations for SkinYou can conquer the hearts of people with an attractive smile and smooth soft skin. All you have to do is keep your thoughts healthy and positive. One of the best ways to do is through repeated affirmations for beautiful skin

Beauty inside reflects as beauty outside. Our state of mind, thoughts, emotions and attitude towards life are clearly reflected outside. It can be seen by the outside world in our smile, quality of health and physical health.

Over a period of time, we tend to look and behave in a way we think and feel.

Loving yourself, positive thinking, optimistic attitude together have positive impact on the body. This includes the nature, quality, beauty, shine and health of your skin.

Affirmations for Beautiful Skin

Affirmations and visualization are the two main tools of Law of Attraction. If you regularly practice beauty affirmations and visualization with full faith, you are likely to see excellent results.

We give below select affirmations for beautiful skin which will help you orient your thinking in a positive way, send messages of health and healing to your skin. This will help to kick in the magical benefits of the Law of Attraction and manifestation.

In addition, you must adopt a healthy life style and do good skincare on a regular basis to have a beautiful skin. Also at the end of this post, there is a video which you can watch and practice with regularly for better effects.


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Affirmations for Beautiful Skin – Set # 1

  • I am blessed with beautiful healthy skin
  • I have beautiful, youthful skin
  • I have healthy and clear skin
  • I have glowing and radiant skin
  • My skin is clear and radiant
  • My skin is healthy and gorgeous
  • I take good care of my skin
  • I eat healthy food that is good for my skin
  • I treat my skin gently and properly
  • My skin is beautiful

Affirmations for Beautiful Skin – Set # 2

  • My skin feels supple and smooth
  • My skin glows with youthful radiance
  • My skin is smooth, soft and healthy
  • People compliment me on my clear and healthy skin
  • I regularly receive compliments for my youthful and clear skin
  • My skin does not have any wrinkles at all
  • I love and bless my skin
  • Every day I to send love to my skin
  • My beautiful skin is blemishes free
  • People quickly notice my glowing skin

Affirmations for Beautiful Skin – Set # 3

  • Friends compliment me on my beautiful skin
  • My skin self heals scars and stretch marks
  • My skin is naturally healthy and unblemished
  • I have flawless and fair skin
  • My skin is even, smooth and free of wrinkles
  • I have flawless, unblemished, unwrinkled skin
  • My skin is light, silky and beautiful
  • My skin is as smooth as silk
  • My skin is soft, youthful, rosy and gorgeous
  • My skin is glowing and radiant

Affirmations for Beautiful Skin

Affirmations for Beautiful Skin – Set # 4

  • My skin is clean, perfect and smooth
  • I have naturally healthy, beautiful and smooth skin
  • I completely love my beautiful skin!
  • I have very youthful skin
  • Friends always appreciate my beautiful skin
  • My skin gets clearer every day
  • I love my skin and I appreciate how beautiful and healthy it is!
  • My skin is smooth, soft and so youthful
  • My skin is healthy and supple
  • I eat healthy food to provide nutrition for my skin
  • I take good care of my beautiful skin

Affirmations for Beautiful Skin – Set # 5

  • My skin is clear, soft and smooth
  • My smooth and radiant skin adds to my attractiveness
  • I eat healthy food that nourishes my skin and enhances overall beauty
  • My skin is youthful, even and flawless
  • I take good care of my skin and it responds by remaining soft, smooth and radiant
  • I am blessed to have a gorgeous skin that is rosy and radiant.
  • My skin is glowing, even and flawless
  • My skin is radiant and perfect.
  • I am blessed to have a skin as smooth as silk
  • I am blessed to have a clear and radiant complexion

Video: Affirmations for Beautiful Skin

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