5 Different Ways to Get Your Kids to Floss

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5 Different Ways to Get Your Kids to FlossAre you worried about the dental health of your growing kids? Well you are not the only one. As parents, we know how difficult it is to inculcate good tooth-brushing habits amongst our children. Somehow, kids and tooth-brushing habits are always at loggerheads. It may take many frustrating moments and efforts in training your child to even hold a toothbrush and to get them to actually brush. So we all know that how much it is difficult to make them floss. Below are 5 different Ways to Get Your Kids to Floss –  hope this can help you.

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Importance of Flossing

One of the most important follow-up after tooth-brushing is to teach them how to floss. Flossing is an inter-dental cleaning method, which helps to remove food, plaque, and debris between teeth that the toothbrush misses. Flossing helps to polish teeth, fight the development of plaque while also keeping bad breath at bay. Flossing- an integral part of oral health is a very important habit one could pass on to the next generation.

5 Different Ways to Get Your Kids to Floss

But knowing the benefits of flossing is not all; one needs to develop this habit into the children’s daily habits. And perhaps you are wondering how to instill this habit into your child’s routine? After, we all know how frustrating it is. That is why we have come up with a few interesting ways to get your kids to floss!

1. Introduce it as a game

Children love games. Find ways to make a game out of flossing. In that way, they won’t feel like it’s a boring routine but would rather enjoy doing it daily. One of the ways would be to arrange a sort of competition amongst parents and children or between two siblings. You could assign points and keep score. Alternatively, you could keep changing the game slightly to create more excitement. You could perhaps introduce a reward at the end of it, so as to get your kid excited and wanting to floss!

2. Reward your kids for flossing

Sometimes sticking with a routine like flossing over long periods of time is very difficult. They can be easily distracted or bored and may create a fuss over it.

Therefore, rewarding them for their flossing is one way to make it seem worth their time, and be assured that the reward will keep up their enthusiasm. You could alternate between rewards so that they remain curious and excited. Try giving them a small prize for flossing every day of the week and a larger prize for flossing a certain number of days each month. Flossing is a lot easier for kids when they know there is a reward at the end!

3. Show them the consequences of not flossing

One of the ways to encourage your children to floss is to make them understand what happens if they skip flossing. Children learn better with pictures. There are plenty of kid-friendly, educational videos available online that can show the disaster that their teeth could land in if they do not floss regularly. Ask your family dentist to explain the importance of flossing to them on their visit. Dentists have had lots of practice and patience in explaining these concepts to kids. And moreover, children will follow their advice knowing that it is coming from an authority.

4. Allow your kids to choose their floss-kit

Kids love to be involved in any activity. Therefore the next time that you go to the store for dental supplies bring them along and let them choose their own floss-kit. By doing so, they will be more likely to follow through when it’s time to floss. And while they are at it, why not also get in some dental accessories like funny mugs or cartoon-shaped toothbrushes? These will make your child excited and eager for dental routine as a whole.

5. Floss together as a family

It’s always more fun and motivational to do difficult things with other people. And children follow by example. That is why it is important for you to inculcate flossing in your lifestyle on daily basis. Make sure that they would be flossing with you as often as possible. Whenever they floss, you can floss with them. This will help them to develop this habit into their lifestyle more easily.

While flossing isn’t always regarded as a fun activity, it surely is an important one. It’s important to instill positive flossing habits in your children from a young age so that they can achieve great oral health as an adult. By trying to make flossing a fun and group activity, kids will be less likely to avoid it each night.

However, even after maintaining dental hygiene, if ever a need arises, make sure that the doctor uses highly safe products such as safe sedate for your child’s dental procedures. Do not compromise on the quality because dental health is one of the most important routines one could follow in their lifestyle.

Article contributed by: Ross Geller

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