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We live in a Beautiful World

This world is created beautifully by the Creator. Look around – there is beauty everywhere, especially if you see from the eyes of a creative person such as Painter, Poet, Photographer, Musician, Beautician etc. You don’t have to be an artist or a creative person to see beauty in life.

Beauty can be found in parks, mountains, resorts, hills, river side and museums, galleries and exotic places. That’s not all there is beauty in humans, animals, birds and fishes. Finding beauty in normal day to day activities can bring profound happiness to life.

But we shall mainly discuss human beauty tips here.

Health and Beauty

Who doesn’t like to be healthy and look beautiful but maintaining health and beauty is a major challenge in the modern life.

The pressures of urban life can have a major impact on your appearance, the results can be disastrous if not cared for. The life in modern cities can pose difficulties like sleep deprivation and other problems negative emotions like worry, tension sadness and anxiety can  cause insomnia which if not treated can further lead to “stress aging,”

Stress aging can be catastrophic and can do even more damage to your skin than the passage of time. Inner conflicts and tension cause strains which always reveal themselves on the skin and especially facial skin. In so in many ways, your skin is a reflection of your state of mind.

The negative emotions if allowed to persist for long in human system announce their presence in the form of acne, lines, dullness and other visible signs.

The Beauty of Beauty Business

Who does not want to look good? Since time immemorial the beauty has been revered, adored and worshiped. The age we live in abounds with all kinds of beauty cosmetics.

The beauty business and cosmetics

The televisions channels, internet, newspapers and magazines are bombarding the advertisement of cosmetic manufacturers of their various products – skin care products, creams, face packs, oils, cleansers, lotions, lipsticks, balms, organic cosmetics and all that. Some products are chemical while others are made natural or herbal raw material. As if this is not enough, the beauty business goes further to offer you various kinds of treatments and processes at beauty shops such as specialized clinics, spas and beauty salons. Most of them claim to use organic cosmetics and organic skin care products and make you most pretty teenager or most beautiful woman on earth!

Are the beauty products and beauty treatments safe and recommended?

The Beauty of Beauty Business

We keep staring at ads on our television sets showing great looking models for beauty products. Even if you are gifted with natural beauty, you are tempted to try our most of these products to look more beautiful. If nothing else, you may want to try new makeup products.Yet the cost of these is shocking! Again not all are useful or necessary, while some may not be effective and a few may not suit your skin and leave you with undesired side effects. This is a steep price to pay in an attempt to look beautiful.

Under these circumstances, it is best to use simple, genuine, natural and herbal products which are to skin, but it is not found on every beauty shop. So some people end up buying products of rather exclusive brands which are rather expensive and are available at limited outlets. However, these products need to be used on a regular basis and that means constant spending of money – making a big drain on our monthly budget. Therefore, in our blogs we share some easy to use home remedies to keep your body and facial skin younger, softer and glowing.

Health, Mind and Beauty Connection

The mind has such powers that it can influence how healthy your body is, how strong your bones are, how young your skin looks and how beautiful and handsome you look.

The Health Beauty Food and Mind Connection

Health, Mind and Beauty ConnectionTo begin with let us see the connection between mind and body. “Healthy mind in a healthy body is an old adage”. The powerful connection between the mind and body has been proven in numerous scientific studies, and is an accepted fact of psychology, parapsychology and biochemistry today.

This same principle is at work when you look in the mirror. You may like or not like or partially not like what you see. That is because of the mind-beauty connection. That is because of the mind-beauty connection. This is why looking beautiful really depends on feeling good, beautiful and great. Feeling wonderful is an outcome of thinking healthy and actually being healthy.

And the good news is, you can bring your hormones into balance, restore your body’s natural self-healing capabilities, and reverse stress aging. It all starts with taking a close look at what is causing stress in your life, understanding your emotions, and learning to manage them better.

Our mind has such powers !

How to use Mind to stay in good health?

A healthy life style and positive thoughts is the briefest answer possible.  To expand this statement, a healthy life style will consist of feeding the body as well as the brain with the right quantity and quality of nutritious food, doing right and regular physical activity and keeping the mind calm, happy and peaceful.

Role and Value of Nutrition

Feeding the body with the right nutrition is the function of healthy and balanced diet.

Nutrition for the body is just as important as nutrition for the brain. Experts say that the proper nutritional intake helps to counter negative emotions, such as stress, fatigue, depression and side effects of prescription medications. This is essential to keeping the mind healthy and happy. 

Other Lifestyle Choices

Eating the right nutrient foods and healthy diet is perhaps one part of the battle with the aging process or the negative effects of modern life. As we age, getting plenty of sleep, taking supplements when needed (after consulting the doctor) and being physically active are all major contributing factors to staying ahead of the brain game.

We all know that our body works on the principle of ‘use it or lose it’ – whether it is muscles or activities of brain such as memory or new skills learning.  Hence more you use your mind, the more likely you are to keep it.

Hence maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle is critical for remaining healthy and pushing away the aging. Experts explain that nutrition interacts with the brain in two major areas, supplying key energy sources for the brain and providing substrates for making neurotransmitters and cytokines.  Thus, providing the brain with critical nutrients, oxygen and rest are all essential.

In fact, sleep deprivation is one of the most common causes of mood disorders and cognitive dysfunctions. At the same time there is no one food or supplement that can reverse the poor lifestyle choices.  

Begin health care as early as possible

While the medical science including medical techniques nd technology have made tremendous progress but why not begin the preventative measures at a much younger age when the body and brain are healthy and fully functioning.

Decline in the health level rarely happens overnight. If you do some self study on internet, you will find that if left uncared, Cardiovascular health may peak at age 22 and decline beginning as early as age 27. Similarly, Insulin resistance, oxidative damage and chronic inflammation happen gradually. That’s why it is recommended that starting early and choosing a healthy life is the way to go strong.

Developing couple right habits to stay healthy right from a young age, like exercising regularly, eating nutritious food rather than junk food, getting plenty of rest helps set the stage for a healthy body and a healthy mind, as one has the potential to feed the other.

Healthy Mind, Healthy Body – are they interlinked?

It’s also no secret that stress, tension and anxiety are common enemies of both physical as well as mental health as the body’s battle with these situations often set the wheels in motion for ill health.

Our body system is such that the mind and body connection always needs to be in balance.

The physical manifestations of chronic stress and anxiety can make the body fall sick.  Also the reverse is equally applicable, if you don’t exercise or abuse the body with over work, sleep deprivation or feed the body with not healthy food the mind has to manifest disease.

We are running at a frantic pace and doing so much multi tasking in our daily lives that makes the brain prone to anger, hostility, depression and guilt. All this have been shown to increase inflammatory markers in the blood. The best way is to consciously slow down. Take to Activities such as yoga, tai chi, meditation etc. which will help to calm and balance our nervous system so that we reap the benefits of good health.

Health and Wellness

Health and WellnessThese are two most precious blessings, which every individual would like to have and must have. The value of Health and Wellness becomes more important and precious for a person who does not have them partially or lacks fully. Whether young or old these aspects and essentials of life are integrally tied together and because of this one influences the other.

This is something that is essential to enjoy quality of your life. The need is to adopt some a health & wellness routine into your current life. The important and basic ingredients of this regiment are exercises, proper and healthy diet, taking nutritious food at regular intervals in right quantity, meditation, positive approach to life and a balance of work and life. It is not necessary to rigidly follow any particular schedule or regiment. Adopt one which suits you the best as there is flexibility and chose the option which suits you the best through various permutation and combinations of diet, exercise, working hours and other things. The most important step is starting and is evolve it along the way

Ensuring a healthy body and wellness of life is really not that hard. If you have not moved in that directions as yet then begin with one small step and that’s really what you need to reach your goal. Of course, it is not possible to begin with doing all the things right and at the same time. As long as you commit yourself to be healthy and beautiful (inside and outside) you are going to make a difference.

Mind you, you are going to not only improve your life and health but you will also influence the lives of people you are connected with such as your spouse, parents, children and friends.

Health is a Boon

Health is a BoonIt is a well known fact of modern life that if our body system is left uncared for or over used or abused then sooner or later the body will succumb to one or the other type of disease or illness. However, on the parallel, there is keen interest by health conscious people to stay fit and healthy. They take up regular exercises, practice yoga, tai chi and meditation, eat a balanced diet. Such persons have quit smoking and alcohol drinking or keep it to the minimum. As a consequence many people have taken responsible steps towards maintaining their mind & body fit and prevent illness.

New age has finally dawned and we have begun to realize that what a miracle our body and its systems are. To keep fit & healthy we need integration of food or right diet, medicine and energy work. It would be interesting to note the observation that human body is designed to last for much beyond the span of hundred years. This is far more than the present life span of humans.

We are finally beginning to appreciate how magnificent are our bodies’ healing powers to get well and stay healthy. The wisdom of centuries is being practiced once again to stay healthy and fight diseases. The integrated wellness advisors and energy healers emphasize on the needs of reducing stress, eliminating negative emotions like hatred, guilt, jealousy, resolve inner conflicts and avoid unhealthy life styles.

The detrimental life styles have given birth to many diseases such as overweight, obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, backache, migraine, arthritis and worst of all – cancer!

A healthy integrative approach is to attain a peaceful and spiritual mindset, positive approach, emotional harmony and physical fitness. Also there is a tremendous contribution of the human mind to stay fit, healthy and beautiful.

Obesity – the bane of modern society & affluence

Obesity – the bane of modern society & affluenceIt is an irony of fate on our planet that on one hand we have millions of people who do not get enough food or nutritious food and on the other hand there are many more who overeat food, waste food and lead a sedentary life style.

Both of these kinds of people invite diseases into their bodies and march towards untimely death. Recently a national daily carried an article which mentioned that the surplus or wasted food in clubs, bars and hotels of a metro town city is sufficient to feed the poor, hungry and undernourished people of the same city on a daily basis.

Moving from society and nations, let us focus on individual health. Fat or obese people are in a physical state which makes them miserable. They can’t enjoy life or live a happy life, irrespective of their age or sex. Obesity adversely affects their physical movements, thus preventing them further from doing exercise or other physical activities, only to compound the problem further. The extra body weight due to excess fat in their body opens door to serious health challenges such as high blood pressure (BP), diabetes, heart problems, osteoarthritis etc. On the top of it, fat people are forever the butt of jokes.

This description about obesity or obese people is not for the sake of fun but it is an attempt to draw serious attention of all – those who are already fat and also those who are eating unmindfully to become overweight in near future.

Benefits of losing excess weight & becoming healthy again

Benefits of losing excess weight & becoming healthy againLosing excess weight and extra fat has many benefits. Broadly they can be put into three categories:

1. Physical Gains  of losing extra weight

Losing weight is an important achievement made by any person. This opens doors to so many welcome health benefits such drop in extra level of lipoproteins, drop in high blood pressure besides slimmer and smarter looks. The extra level of lipoproteins makes the blood vessels hard and narrow as they get deposited inside the blood vessels. With a shift towards normal blood pressure and lower lipoproteins level, the heart begins to function better – smoothly and efficiently. This reduces the risk of heart attack.

As a result of weight loss, there is an increase in body’s capacity to metabolise sugar. Understandably, the chance of possible damage by diabetes to body also reduces.

Reduced weight also gives relief to joints of the body, particularly the feet and knees. This is helpful in addressing the complaints of stiffness and swelling of joints.

Some other advantages of losing weight and becoming fit again are reduction in chances of developing hernia, reduction in perspiration etc.

All this makes the person move towards better health and wellness.

2. Personality & Psychological Gains of shedding extra weight

There is a dramatic improvement in the person’s outer appearance. Even his or her inner self glows with a sense of achievement. Such as a person gains more confidence as he has proven to himself and the world that “yes, he can do it.”

Directly in proportion to his weight loss is the increase of self respect, confidence. With a new outlook and changed approach towards life, he is all set to become more successful. 

3. Social gains of weight loss

A fit, smart and healthy person who was earlier fat, suddenly becomes the centre of attraction in the society. Society loves achievers and shuns the losers. From a laughing stock and the centre of ridicule, the slimmer person is more respected. With more confidence, courage and health on his side, he is a better matrimonial subject (if of marriageable age), a better father, a handsome husband and a better employee / boss / leader etc.

Our mission

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