How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy Weight Loss Tips

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How to Lose Weight Fast According to a market research firm Americans spend more than US $60 Billion every year on various weight loss products and programs products, which includes diet foods and drinks. People tend to opt for a weight loss program because many weight loss programs assure immediate success without making it mandatory for customers to reduce calorie intake or do physical exercises.

Approximately 50 million Americans go on a diet each year to lose weight but only 5 percent manage to keep the weight off. In Australia more than 13% of the population above the age 15 years is on diet programs.

Hence people are constantly searching online and offline – how to lose weight fast.

One of the regularly discussed topic in any social gathering is “How to Lose Weight Fast”. Until a few years back the weight loss discussion was between the members of 35 to 55 years age group. Also the very figure conscious and high society ladies would be seen discussing and sharing the weight loss tips and evaluating various weight loss plans.

Over the years the scenario has changed. Now even the teenagers are quite obese and people who have crossed 55 are also quite health conscious. Therefore, everyone wants to know How to Lose Weight Fast and Easy Weight Loss Tips.

Easy Weight Loss TipsDrink More Water

It is now a well known fact that drinking water can help to lose weight. Studies have shown that there is more than 25% metabolism when you drink water and it is over a period of next 1 hour or so. In other words, you burn more calories. Your body uses water to efficiently metabolize stored fat.

Research has showed that drinking about 2 glasses of water (half liter or 17 oz) about 30 minutes before consuming food helps dieters intake lesser calories and lose 43% more weight. The reason is that drinking water half an hour before meals may reduce appetite in middle-aged and older people. You are less likely to eat snack, as you feel full. Again this means less calorie consumption.

Drinking water has been associated with some weight loss and maintenance.

Studies have shown that drinking 2 – 3 liters (at least 8 glasses) of water per day should be helpful with weight loss.

Say Goodbye to Drinks Loaded with Calories

Any drink except water is calories and mostly unhealthy or excess calories. These beverages could be in the form of sweetened aerated beverage, alcoholic drinks, smoothies etc. Next time you want a drink, reach out for water instead.

In fact any canned fruit juice should be given a miss. Choose to eat fresh fruit instead. Eating fruit is healthier option than drinking its juice.

This way you can save yourself from consuming hundreds of calories every day. This will further help in weight loss.

Regulate your calories in-take

Perhaps you already know that an adult needs about 2000 calories per day. Mathematically you can achieve weight loss by creating a calorie deficit. This means that you burn some calories through physical workout while you deliberately reduce your calories intake. Hence avoid high calorie food like candies, pastries, deep fried or junk food and instead opt for low calorie food like vegetables, fruits etc.

Increase your Physical ActivitiesIncrease your Physical Activities

If you want to lose weight fast then physical exercise is a must. So prepare a solid Workout Plan and stick to it sincerely with full discipline. No weight loss plan or diet plan works without exercising regularly.

A study has found that sitting is the new smoking! This means that sedentary life style might harm your body as smoking. There is no better substitute to physical exercises to burn off those excess calories.

So get into action, commit yourself to a routine of 30 minutes of exercises at least 5 days a week.

In addition, accept the opportunity to increase your physical activity such as opting for the stairs instead of the elevator; taking the dog out and even spending sometime gardening to burn off those extra calories. Twenty to thirty minutes of moderate exercise a day can help you burn about 700 to 800 calories. Also read How to Achieve Fitness Goals

Reduce Salt Consumption

Most people are aware that higher amount of salt consumption is the cause of high blood pressure. But did you also know that salt and more specifically sodium in it is responsible for causing water retention in the body. This simply adds to your body. Not only that increased salt consumption also makes you feel and look bloated.

Scientists recommend that 2,400 milligrams of sodium each day (or about one teaspoon) is sufficient for our bodies. So keep a record of your salt intake. Besides the table salt, there are other hidden sources of salt such as soups, canned foods, salty snacks and most types of prepackaged foods.

If you are too fond of salt, then try the alternative such as lemon. Remember less salt in food means healthier food.

Eat Slowly

It is medically proven that your stomach signals your brain about 20 minutes after being full.   So eat slowly, chewing every morsel and enjoy what you are eating. This will not only stop you from overeating, but also will give you a chance to digest your food properly.

You Can Do It!

Every individual is unique and has a unique combination of age, metabolism, patterns of eating, drinking, physical workout etc. Therefore, it is hard to suggest one perfect way to lose weight for all. However, the universal fact is that anyone can shed extra weight off their body. All you need is determination, discipline, sincere efforts, sustained efforts and careful selection of the right technique of weight reduction that suits your body type, lifestyle, medical conditions etc.

You may like to start after consulting your doctor who knows your medical history to ensure that you don’t cause any damage to your body.

Also conduct proper research, assimilate correct information and create an approach that suits you the best.

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