Affirmations for Hair

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Affirmations for Healthy HairHave you ever tried positive affirmations for hair?

Most of you already know that the mind and the body are very deeply connected. You can use these affirmations for hair to create a positive image in your mind about having healthy, shiny, bouncing and thick hair.

Of course, along with the mind work and visualization, you will need to maintain a healthy life style and take good care for your hair. Do address issues like stress, anxiety, not getting adequate sleep, and negative thinking which have unhealthy impact on the body, leading to symptoms such as gray hair, dandruff, thinning and unhealthy hair.

Use these affirmations along with visualization to program your mind towards more positive and healthy thoughts. This will help you to have a stress free, improved and healthy life – which will be good for your scalp, and prevent hair loss too. You may also like Affirmations for Beautiful Skin.

So let’s do it!

Affirmations for Beautiful Hair

  • I love my hair
  • I love my hairstyle
  • My hair is shiny, long and healthy
  • People compliment me on my hair and hairstyle
  • My hair is thick and luxurious
  • I love my hair and skin
  • I am happy with my hair
  • In my mind’s eye my hair is long and beautiful
  • My hair is well conditioned and in the shade and color I love
  • I love my long shiny hair
  • I love my new hairstyle
  • My hair looks healthy and shiny, and the cut suits me absolutely
  • My hairstyle compliments my facial features
  • I have lovely curly hair
  • I have a hairstyle that suits me perfectly
  • My hairstyle makes me feel great
  • My hairstyle flatters my style wonderfully
  • I have soft, silky, luscious hair
  • I have soft, silky and manageable hair
  • My hair is healthy and dandruff free
  • I lovingly groom my hair

Affirmations for Healthy Hair

  • I have thick, luxurious hair
  • I have a healthy head of hair
  • My hair shines with radiant health
  • My hair is re-growing. They are growing as I breathe
  • I am growing my hair on my head back, all naturally
  • I have healthy and conditioned hair from roots till ends
  • My hair grows truly fast
  • The hair on my scalp is fast growing
  • My hair grows healthy, thick and strong
  • My hair care makes my hair strong, healthy and dandruff free
  • My hair is healthy and rejuvenating
  • My hair cells are strong and healthy
  • I take good care of my hair
  • My scalp is naturally healthy
  • My body is producing my natural hair color


Make your own set of favorite hair affirmations.

Not just affirmations for hair, make a habit of using affirmations for achieving other results also in your daily life. By practicing to think more positively, while being realistic, you are on a path for a beautiful and happy life.

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